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Job Information

  • Job Title

    Technical support Sharepoint

  • Job Description

    Designs, develops and implements solutions for customers on the Microsoft SharePoint platform and supports some .Net custom developed work. The incumbent manages the functionality of the applications, oversees the implementation of software codes, and ensures that backups are performed. Ensures user accessibility to the applications, coordinates troubleshooting and debugging of problems to maintain smooth functioning of the applications

  • Job Location

    Houston, TX

  • Salary


  • Keywords


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  • Desired Profile

    • Previous experience and proficiency with SharePoint migration tools - preferably Sharegate.
    • Previous experience and proficiency with SharePoint REST Service.
    • Should have knowledge and experience with using SharePoint REST service for CRUD operations.
    • Previous experience and proficiency with SharePoint Add-ins.
    • Previous experience and proficiency with customizing forms in SharePoint using Client-Side Rendering (CSR).
    • Previous experience and proficiency with SharePoint Framework.
    • Previous experience and proficiency with search-based applications.
    • Previous experience and proficiency in development, configuration, and administration of SharePoint 2013 and 2016 versions.
    • Previous experience and advanced-level proficiency with JavaScript Web Frameworks.
    • Should be proficient with using one or more modern JavaScript Web Frameworks and Libraries to create and/or customize components for SharePoint 2016. Examples include Angular, React, Knockout, and Vue.

  • Responsibilities

    • Provide SharePoint registration and support for end-users and site administrators
    • Investigate issues and resolve problems including escalation if necessary
    • Maintain the SharePoint License database
    • Work with end users to address requirements, usability, accessibility, and change requests to ensure website functionality
    • Identify issues and recommend solutions
    • Research, design, develop, schedule, plan, propose, and lead SharePoint related application development efforts
    • Collect, generate, and analyse data
    • Data to be Analysed: Crewmember Occupational Health & Epidemiology, investigation activities research, laboratory testing, crew safety evaluations, scenario modelling, intelligence and evidence gathering, environmental assessments, medical countermeasures deployment.

  • Benefits and Perks

    • Completed tasks associated with MEME SharePoint Migration. There is an ongoing project to migrate content and functionality from the SharePoint Portal (SharePoint 2010) to the SharePoint Environment (SharePoint 2013). Assigned migration tasks will be completed by the provided SharePoint consultant.
    • Completed updates to the Human Health and Performance Directorate SharePoint sites. There is an ongoing project to update the SharePoint sites to make them more usable by improving/standardizing functionality, and by improving navigation and general look and feel. Assigned improvement tasks will be completed by the provided SharePoint consultant. 
    • Technical assistance with user support and issue troubleshooting for all SharePoint environments Provided SharePoint consultant will work assigned service request and issue resolution tickets as entered the IT Service Portal. 
    • Technical assistance with the execution of the SharePoint upgrade project. 
    • Activity status report Status report includes the following: Accomplishments, Work in Progress, Issues/Risks.